Knee problems Help!?

Answer We're people huffing paint?So i was walking up the street and I found a bag filled with silver paint. Than I kept walking and a block from my house there was A empty can of air duster? R people huf... Read More »

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Knee problems! Help!!?

Let's look at the knee like this. Your knee holds 75% of your bodyweight. You injured your left knee so now you are down to having one knee do most of the work. In addition you did that for 7 month... Read More »

How do I help knee problems?

Whether the cause of your knee problems or pain is a medical condition such as arthritis or an injury, taking steps to strengthen the knee can improve your mobility and symptoms. Eliminating risk f... Read More »

How do you help knee problems?

Joint problems are a common complaint associated with growing older. As we age, our body's natural flexibility can give way to stiffness and pain, and a common area of complaint is the knee. Injuri... Read More »

Surfing & Knee Problems?

While compared to a contact sport like football, surfing is relatively safe. However, it can become an extreme sport if weather-related conditions push the body to the limit. More and more surfers ... Read More »