Knee popped out of place, then went back.....?

Answer I have done that several times in my life and yes it's super painful but you will be alright.It may be sore for a day or two but it will be fine.

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My knee just popped and now I cant bend it back or up. What happened and what should I do?

Frink Zoe is right--The most common cause for sudden onset symptoms like this, without any significant proceeding trauma, is a dislocation of the knee-cap (or patella.)If you gently feel around you... Read More »

My knee cap looks 'out of place'?

I've had this happen before multiple times. If it doesn't hurt, than you were just sitting with your legs in a weird position. If it does start to hurt, than do some simple stretches like bending y... Read More »

Knee popping out of place?

I had a similar problem, it felt like it was popping out of place every time I bent my knee and it would swell up on the bottom inner part of it. I went to the doctor and he told me it was bursitis... Read More »

Something in my left knee feels out of place?

Sounds like a dislocation of the patellar bone in your knee.