Knee popped out of place, then went back.....?

Answer I have done that several times in my life and yes it's super painful but you will be alright.It may be sore for a day or two but it will be fine.

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If you had sex with a boy then he pulled out but wipe off the spem then went back in?

My knee just popped and now I cant bend it back or up. What happened and what should I do?

Frink Zoe is right--The most common cause for sudden onset symptoms like this, without any significant proceeding trauma, is a dislocation of the knee-cap (or patella.)If you gently feel around you... Read More »

If you were on disability for 10 months then went back to work for about a month but are now out of work agin can you get back on disabilty?

Answer Are you talking you were out on SSDI or on LTDI or STDI? If you were out on a covered DI claim thru and insurance co, the answer is yes. Call your agent, they can help you. 4lifeguild

What is a round growth on your son's gums that has had pus in it and went away and then came back?

your son has an abcess. try putting an eaqual amount of salt and baking soda in a bowl, wet a cotton ball and leave to soak for a few minutes. Then place the cotton ball between the teeth and check... Read More »