Klonopin Wearing off, is it because i smoked a cig! Help pounding heart.?

Answer You don't need Klonopin you need a good calcium and magnesium supplement with half as much magnesium as calcium. If you have some or even just calcium crush it up and put it in a warm glass of mil... Read More »

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My heart sometimes is pounding heart and i was kanna like having difficulty of breathing,but feel ok if i move?

I have absolutely no idea what this is but it sure sounds very serious. Go to your GP immediately!!

How do I stop my heart from pounding?

My guess is that you have been experiencing a lot of anxiety. High anxiety can cause you to feel a pounding heart beat, even if your heart beat is normal. If you can't control it, you may want to r... Read More »

My 6 yr old son's bp at rest is 80/43 and his heart is pounding. what is this?

It means he's not getting enough blood and his heart is trying to make up for the deficiency by beating faster. See a doctor.

I recently had a panic attack and now every time i drink any caffeine my heart starts pounding and hurting?

I had something similar happen a while back but I was drinking an energy drink. My heart would start pounding and I almost felt a little nauseous. So i then went to a doctor to see if he could tell... Read More »