KitchenAid Washer Fills Up With Water & Agitates Slow With No Spin?

Answer KitchenAid no longer manufactures washing machines, which may make finding support information more difficult. For instance, if the washing machine is filling with water slowly and agitates but doe... Read More »

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When running my shower, the tub fills with water and drains slow, We have dried,draino. Nothing works. HELP!?

your right when you say "we've tried draino and nothing works" because all those liquid drain cleaners are BS come ons.try rodding the trap.

How to Fix a Washer That Will Not Drain Its Water Before Going Into Spin Cycle?

One of three things is likely happening. 1) The drain could be clogged or kinked or 2) The water pump could be failing or 3) The belt that runs the pump is slipping or broken.

Washer wont fill with water, but will spin?

I'll assume that you have used this machine before and everything was alright.Did you try to switch the Water temperature to HOT only?If not try it.If water fills the washer then the probable answe... Read More »

My washer adds alot of water in (on spin)?

There is water in the spin cycle this rinses out the clothes, but a lot no. Not as much as the wash cycle