Kitchen Cabinet Safety for an Earthquake?

Answer While all rooms of a home should be earthquake-proofed, the kitchen typically has more breakable items in it as well as concentrations of fragile food items in the cabinets, pantries and refrigerat... Read More »

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Can a kitchen cabinet be used for a bath cabinet?

You can use a kitchen cabinet as a bathroom cabinet. A kitchen cabinet is typically taller and larger than a bathroom cabinet. As long as it fits, it can be used.

Office Earthquake Safety?

When an earthquake strikes, it's always without warning. No one is ever fully prepared for a quake and the damage that can occur, damage caused not only by the main shock but also by aftershocks. I... Read More »

Earthquake Highway Safety?

Earthquakes are repeatedly occurring disasters, yet they cause massive deaths around the world almost annually. The first step for minimizing disaster risks and losses is preparedness. Earthquake s... Read More »

Earthquake Safety for Schools?

An earthquake is extremely dangerous, but there are some steps that every person can take to reduce the risks and make getting through a seismic event a little more predictable. The Federal Emergen... Read More »