Kirigami Ideas?

Answer Kirigami is a paper craft from Japan. A relative of origami (paper folding), kirigami (paper cutting) employs strategic or random cutting with scissors to create different designs in paper. This is... Read More »

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Instructions for How to Make a Kirigami Pop-Up Card?

Just as origami is the Japanese art of folding paper, kirigami is the Japanese art of cutting paper. Kirigami involves folding paper certain ways to cut out symmetrical forms. You can cut out every... Read More »

How to Make a Kirigami Paper Snowflake?

If have tried to make a paper snowflake at some point in your life, most probably at school or with your children, it's possible that you'll have found that the end result can look a bit messy or d... Read More »

I need any ideas for a 12 year old b-day party. I need a theme, food ideas, and game ideas!?

Well you have your theme! It should be "everything that I love to do" and by "I" I mean YOU. Have a sleepover (those were my FAVORITE type of B-day parties when I was growing up)Start it a like 5 o... Read More »

I need ideas for "Get Smart" themed table centerpieces for a school fundraiser. Any ideas?

centerpieces are fine, but you really need Agent 99 jumping out of a big cake