Kinetic Art Projects for Kids?

Answer Kinetic art involves the use of movement or motion. Kids can create their own kinetic art projects using a variety of processes and materials that move and sway with the wind, can be twisted and tu... Read More »

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Kinetic Energy Activities for Kids?

Kinetic energy is energy of objects in motion. It is also known as mechanical energy. Elementary-aged students should be familiar with the concept of kinetic energy, examples of kinetic energy, and... Read More »

Kinetic Energy Experiments for Kids?

Kinetic energy is energy in motion. It is the opposite of stored, or potential, energy. Kinetic energy can be transferred between objects or changed into potential energy. There are several simple ... Read More »

Egg Drop Science Projects Using Kinetic Energy?

The egg drop is a long-standing fixture of a science fair experiment. In its most basic form, it involves dropping a raw egg from a predetermined height without breaking the shell. Students are ask... Read More »

Animal Projects for Kids?

There is no better way for children to learn about animals than with hands-on projects. Getting outside and observing, studying or interacting with animals in their own habitat will energize childr... Read More »