Kinesthetic Learning Styles & Inventory?

Answer A learning style is the method through which an individual processes information. The three learning styles are visual, auditory and kinesthetic, or movement-based, learning. Most individuals have ... Read More »

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Audio, Visual & Kinesthetic Learning Styles?

Understanding learning styles is the best way for teachers to present educational materials in ways that best benefit their students. While most students display characteristics of more than one le... Read More »

Kinesthetic, Auditory & Visual Learning Styles for Children?

Everyone has a learning style. People fall into one of three categories: kinesthetic, auditory or visual. It's not uncommon for people to switch styles when needed, or for some people to have a sec... Read More »

Inventory of Primary Learning Styles?

Children learn new skills and information in a variety of ways. A child may have a style she prefers, but in the early years, she will incorporate the new data using various techniques. As she gets... Read More »

Personality Inventory & Learning Styles?

Personality types, assessed by inventories such as the Meyer Briggs Type Indicator, are thought to be helpful in determining a person's learning style. The theory is that If educators know and unde... Read More »