Kinds of Ore?

Answer You might imagine old miners digging with their pick and finding a baseball-sized lump of gold. Metals can be found in contiguous pieces like that, but they are also found in veins and more often, ... Read More »

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Kinds of Ash Trees?

Although there are over 70 species of ash tree in the world, only a handful of those are regularly used in landscaping. Ash trees are enjoyed for their oval-shaped growth habit and profuse, slender... Read More »

Kinds of Piercing?

People have pierced body parts for generations. For many cultures, piercings are a part of tribal rituals, traditions or simply decorations. Some people may like body piercing for shock value. Besi... Read More »

Kinds of Manicures?

Groomed nails show the world that you care about your appearance. It is perfectly acceptable to manicure nails at home with your own tools and nail polish. For an extra pampering experience, go to ... Read More »

Kinds of Energies?

Chemists, physicists and other physical scientists have discovered that energy comes in a variety of forms. There is potential, kinetic, mechanical, thermal and heat energy. Each kind of energy det... Read More »