Kinds of Measuring Instruments?

Answer Measurements aren't just used in laboratories and science classes; they are also a part of everyday life. People use measurements in creating anything from a new home to a batch of cookies. There a... Read More »

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Measuring Instruments?

Measuring instruments provide a standard to determine the qualities of an object, such as length, weight and temperature. Rulers, scales and thermometers are common measuring devices. Scientists an... Read More »

Measuring Instruments and Uses?

Measuring instruments are useful tools. They can be simple, like rulers, or complex, like a laser rangefinder which determines the distance to an object by using a laser beam.

Electric Measuring Instruments?

You can find electric measuring instruments nearly everywhere. From a police officer using a radar gun to measure speed to a simple digital bathroom scale to Doppler radar gauging the red-and-blue ... Read More »

Length Measuring Instruments?

Length is a dimension that describes an object's size along a given plane, from one end of the item to the other. Typically, the term "length" is only used to discuss horizontal measurements; howev... Read More »