Kinds of Leaf Springs?

Answer The use of leaf springs as suspension dates to the horse-and-buggy period in which carriages employed leaf springs as damping material to cushion rides over hard, rough roads and trails. Virtually ... Read More »

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How to Get the Leaf Springs Out of a Wrangler?

The leaf springs on a Jeep Wrangler keep the axle centered while simultaneously carrying the load for the vehicle. If you ever want to lift your Jeep, you need to remove the leaf springs from the s... Read More »

How to Fit Trailer Leaf Springs?

Leaf springs have been used on vehicles for over a century. A leaf spring is made from a flat bar of steel that has mounting holes at each end. Most leaf springs are made of several layers of sprin... Read More »

The Function of Leaf Springs?

Leaf springs are not a new invention. They have been used since ancient Rome in one form or another, first as wooden poles and, in the 18th century, a steel plate. In 1804, Obadiah Elliot invented ... Read More »

How to Add Leaf Springs to a Chevy?

The leaf springs on a Chevrolet truck and SUV keep the rear axle aligned from front to back and side to side, as well as provide support to the rear of the truck. These springs establish the ride h... Read More »