Kinds of Electromagnets?

Answer Basically two types of magnets exist: permanent magnets and electromagnets. Permanent magnets do not use any external force to produce a magnetic field, while electromagnets use electrical energy t... Read More »

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How do earphones use electromagnets?

They dont. They use a stationary permanent magnet, as a loudspeaker does. Ellectrostatic loudspeakers and earphones don't have any type of magnet.

Do ovens use electromagnets?

Newer freezers compliant to efficiency standards use R-404a. However an older unit may only be able to us R-22 (which will be completely phased out by 2020).

What are electromagnets?

Electromagnets are magnets that use electricity to gain their magnetic properties. They are made up of a metal coil that is wrapped around an iron core. Powering the coil induces strong magnetic pr... Read More »

Making Electromagnets?

Building your own electromagnet is a simple and inexpensive way to demonstrate one of the four fundamental forces in physics: electromagnetic force. Electromagnets work by taking the electromagneti... Read More »