Kinds of Clear Soup?

Answer Clear soups, sometimes referred to as thin soups, begin with a translucent broth or soup foundation, according to the Vintage Recipes website. Beef and vegetable soups are considered clear soups, a... Read More »

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Poll:: clear soup or thick veg soup..?

What are your top ten favorite kinds of Soup?

1. Danish chicken and dumpling2. Chili bean soup (any beans you prefer, and can be made with Ground beef, crisp, bacon, ground turkey,your choice. You can also make vegetarian chili, omit the mea... Read More »

Kinds of Pasta Soup?

Enjoy traditional or authentic pasta soups, featuring robust, spicy or creamy textures and flavors. Choose noodles made with wheat, rice, unbleached white, corn, oat or semolina flour. The size and... Read More »

What is the recipe for Japanese clear soup?

Those appear to be Miso soups. (seriously, don't you read the menu?) made with dashi stock and miso. Tofu and veggies are optional. there are a million recipes on the Internet for it.