Kinds Of Wolves?

Answer The canidae family has 34 living species, with four of those species commonly known as wolves. Wolves tend to be pack animals, living and hunting in groups. In most of their range, they are classif... Read More »

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Diseases of wolves?

All I know is that they are a main host for rabies.

Do wolves eat raccoons?

Gray wolves and red wolves have been known to feed on raccoons. Red wolves are smaller than gray wolves and primarily feed on smaller animals, including raccoons. Due to their larger size, gray w... Read More »

How to Help Save Wolves?

While grey wolves are not endangered species, some like the red wolf and Mexican wolf are. Help save endangered wolf species by following these steps.

Hybrid Wolves Definition?

Wolf hybrids result when wolves interbreed with other species of canines (usually dogs or coyotes). Wolves are sometimes crossed with domestic dogs to produce hybrid wolf-dogs. Wolves and domestic ... Read More »