Kindle Can't "Upload" Books I Already Own?

Answer NO,you may upload as you may like and it will never prove that the pros outweigh the cons.Do not feel apprehensive

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I dont have the kindle, but can i buy the kindle version of books and read on my compuer?

No, the Kindle foprmat is proprietary and only works on the device.

Can you read Kindle books on readers other than the Kindle?

I have a Kindle and I love it. My understanding is that the Kindle library on Amazon is only accessible to Kindle users.

How to Put RTF Books on Kindle 2?

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader does not directly support the common Rich Text Format, but Amazon does provide a free service that can convert documents in several different formats, including RTF, t... Read More »

Why should I get a Kindle if I still pay for books?

A kindle is expensive but if you think about it, some books cost 99 cent and would you rather pay 99 cent or $20.00? But if the books are still the same from the kindle and store, buy it off the ki... Read More »