Kindle Book Format on Amazon?

Answer Same device :)

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Do I have to use a Kindle to read an e-book from Amazon?

The Kindle, Amazon's e-book reader, is not necessary to read e-books purchased from Amazon. There are Kindle apps for the PC, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry and iPod touch that allow readers to open Kindl... Read More »

How to Publish Your Book on Amazon for a Kindle?

If you are interested in self-publishing and earning profits from a book, Amazon provides a platform for you to publish your work in a digital format compatible with their e-reader, the Kindle.

Can you send pirated book to amazon for conversion to kindle?

You can convert on your own for free…Unlikely that one would be charged with a criminal offense unless making a profit on copyright violations. However, t... Read More »

Does the Amazon kindle fire have 3G?

Hi, ♫, Kindle Fire does NOT have 3G as it is a Wi-Fi-only device. Be prepared that the video playback is not going to be great on Fire as it is one low-juice device and not a real media tablet. ... Read More »