Kindergarten Word Games?

Answer Games are a good way to help kindergartners learn about words. Any time that young learners are engaged and having fun, they will have better retention and will be able to apply what they have lear... Read More »

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Word Games for Kindergarten Kids?

Creating a literacy-rich environment is important in teaching kindergarten pupils to read and write. Word games are an enjoyable way for children to learn letter-sound relationships and high-freque... Read More »

Rhyming Word Games for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten children love to play games and hear nursery tales. The appeal of the nursery tale is the rhythm of the rhyming words. To teach kindergarten children why a song or rhyme has rhythm, fi... Read More »

Tag Games for Kindergarten?

Tag is a classic game that enables kindergarten students to develop their gross motor skills and exert any pent-up energy they may have. Choose from several variations of the game to engage your st... Read More »

Fun Kindergarten Games?

Kindergarten games provide an exciting way for children to learn basic skills, such as letters, listening, numbers and rhythm. Young children get restless sitting in a desk all day staring at the b... Read More »