Kindergarten Seed Lessons?

Answer You can teach a variety of things to kindergarten students by simply starting with seeds. Children of this age are naturally curious about many things, and by showing them how plants grow and givin... Read More »

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Kindergarten Art Lessons?

Teaching kindergartners about art does not have to be just about drawing and painting pictures. Educate your young students by expanding your lesson plans to include elementary artist biographies a... Read More »

Pre-Kindergarten Art Lessons?

Art lessons in preschool incorporate basic art skills, such as drawing, painting, cutting and gluing, with a common theme or subject. These themes or subjects could include the seasons, holidays or... Read More »

Kindergarten Teacher Lessons?

One advantage to teaching kindergarten are the multitude of potential activities a teacher can use to enhance the learning process in her classroom. While rigorous academic activities tend to occur... Read More »

Kindergarten Art-History Lessons?

Art history is an expansive subject, comprising everything from cave drawings from millions of years ago to modern computer-generated art. Covering all of this history in a kindergarten class would... Read More »