Kindergarten President Activities?

Answer Whether it's President's Day or an election year, kindergarten-aged children are old enough to learn about who presidents of the United States are, both past and present, how you become the preside... Read More »

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Pre-K Kindergarten Activities?

Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students love to move, play and use their imaginations, and activities for these students can incorporate these skills. According to Child Prep, when children are ... Read More »

Ant Activities for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten is an excellent time to nourish children's curiosity and desire to learn by helping them discover and examine the world around them. Children are especially eager to learn about living... Read More »

1st Day Activities for Kindergarten?

The first day of kindergarten can be stressful for kids. It's a new environment with new people and situations. However, you can help kids adjust to the classroom and get to know their classmates w... Read More »

Kindergarten Sub Activities?

As a substitute teacher in a kindergarten classroom, you can present activities that use the names of the students to grab and hold their attention. These activities will help the students work on ... Read More »