Kindergarten Phonological Awareness Activities?

Answer Teaching phonological awareness is something that many adults are already doing with their young children and students but may not realize it. Common activities such as rhymes, songs and clapping p... Read More »

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Phonological Awareness Activities for Toddlers?

Phonological awareness refers to the ability to identify the sounds that words make. This ability is an important part of literacy instruction, and introducing this concept to children at a young a... Read More »

Phonological Awareness Activities for Preschool Children?

Phonological awareness refers to the ability to discern the difference between the individual sounds that comprise language. Children who have trouble processing sound phonologically often have a h... Read More »

What are some effective activities for achieving phonological awareness in 5 year-olds?

Try the following links :Emerging Phonological Awareness Differentiates Children with and ...Deficiencies in these children's phonological awareness skills were evident ever since the age when phon... Read More »

Kindergarten Activities of Phonemic Awareness?

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate sounds in oral language. Activities with phonemic awareness are completely auditory and do not include letters or words in print. Phonemic a... Read More »