Kindergarten Fraction Activities?

Answer By kindergarten, most children have an understanding of what you mean if you tell them, "I'll give you half." If you cut a piece of fruit for a group of children, they will know if you have cut too... Read More »

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Kindergarten Activities for Fraction Concepts?

In general, kindergartners aren't developed enough in their math abilities to recognize and solve written equations. For this reason, teachers should introduce them to fractions using concepts they... Read More »

Grade 7 Math: Fraction Activities?

Fractions can be a complicated part of math for many students. Seventh graders are typically learning how to do many things with fractions, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, makin... Read More »

Elementary Improper Fraction Activities?

Improper fractions are fractions in which the numerator is larger than the denominator. To be considered correct form, improper fractions should be converted to mixed numbers, with a whole and a pr... Read More »

Interactive Smartboard Fraction Activities?

Fractions are a concept in mathematics that students begin to learn during elementary school. A fraction is a number that is used to represent part of a whole number. The concept of using fractions... Read More »