Kindergarten Activities From "Tools of the Mind"?

Answer "Tools of the Mind" is an early childhood educational program based on the work of Lev Vygotsky, a Russian psychologist. The curriculum revolves around self-regulated learning and builds a cognitiv... Read More »

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Counting Activities From One to Thirty for Kindergarten?

Children enter kindergarten with different levels of number awareness. Some children can count numbers up to five while others can count to 10. It is the job of a kindergarten teacher to broaden a ... Read More »

Learning Tools for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten is a time when children are not only adjusting to school and the classroom environment, but they are also learning formal lessons on topics like math, science and English. Learning too... Read More »

Pre Kindergarten Assessment Tools?

Your pre-kindergarten student is at a significant stage of development where his body and mind are growing and taking in so many new things. During this vital stage of growth, you can use a few sim... Read More »

Kindergarten Bible Study Tools?

Young children, including kindergartners, learn through different ways. Visual learners process best through sight; auditory learners process best through hearing. Still other children learn best b... Read More »