Kindergarten Activities About the Basic Needs of Plants?

Answer Kindergarten lessons on the basic needs of plants introduce young students to simplified versions of more advanced science concepts. Exploring a plant's need for sunlight, water and nutrient-rich s... Read More »

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Kindergarten Activities About Adam & Eve?

The story of Adam and Eve is most often the first biblical story told to young children. When teaching stories from the bible to kindergarten age groups, it's essential to use creativity along the ... Read More »

Kindergarten Activities About Eggs?

Around Easter time, many kindergarten classes begin a unit on eggs. They may sing songs about eggs, learn about various birds and animals that hatch from eggs, and even make scrambled, boiled, or p... Read More »

Kindergarten Activities About Bees?

Kindergartners are naturally inquisitive and ready to explore the complex world around them. A unit on bees can be great fun and highly informative for teachers and students alike. Carefully planne... Read More »

Projects & Activities About Our Communities for Kindergarten?

Helping kindergarten students understand the importance of communities in their lives builds civic minded individuals. Projects and activities about communities teach children about cultures within... Read More »