Kinda weird question, but i really need an answer and fast!!!?

Answer I don't think you'll have to completely undress...he might ask you to take off your pants but you will also likely get a cloth robe to cover yourself. Remember that doctors are supposed to be very... Read More »

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This is a really weird and nasty question and sory TMI but please answer?

The "blood" smell is probably from iron. I have a short phase too, but sometimes stress, a lot of exercise, or even certain medication can make you late. I would wait a couple more days to see if y... Read More »

Kinda weird question... How do you know where...?

Ok first of all the easiest 2 ways to feel for your cervix is to either squat or sitting on the toilet once you choose which way you want to feel for it stick with that position so that you can acu... Read More »


Well I think you shouldn't worry what others think. It isn't their place to judge you. I hope you aren't still doing that, it's destructive and kindof addicting. But I think that you should definit... Read More »

Weird question!!! 10 pts for best answer :)?

Itch is caused by mastocytes or mast cells, this are cells that produce histamine, this histamine reacts with the nerves producing the itching.Here's the interesting part of it, scratching or cold ... Read More »