Kimchi or Vegemite :) ?

Answer Well, that is a tough one. We eat kimchi every day. Really, every day. I do make my own as does my mother when time permits. But usually go to a Korean market and get it there. I buy the cabba... Read More »

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What is kimchi?

Vegetables pickled by natural fermentation. The most common uses bokchoy or Napa cabbage, with raddish. Other vegetables, and sometimes seafood, are mixed in: garlic, ginger, chives, spinach, baby ... Read More »

Substitutions for Kimchi!?

Yes you can also use those dried chili peppers. Do not soak in water to soften it because when you soften the chili, you need to remove the seeds. If the chili is wet, the chili will release capsic... Read More »

How to Make Kimchi?

Kimchi, a fermented cabbage dish from Korea, is wonderfully flavorful and can be used as a vegetable side, as a relish, or incorporated into soups and stews.

How to Make Cucumber Kimchi?

A dramatic combination of cucumber with aromatic leeks creates a unique taste and flavor. This crunchy cucumber Kimchi, popular throughout the cucumber season has a crisp, cool texture and serves a... Read More »