Kids' Science Projects on Conduction?

Answer Conduction involves the transfer of molecules. Heat is conducted when molecules get hot and bump into another object that is cold, transferring the warmth to the colder object. Electricity is condu... Read More »

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Science Projects Testing an Object for Conduction or Insulation?

Science projects on insulation and conduction fit in well with the elementary school science curriculum and make interesting science fair projects. Conduction is the transfer of heat energy from on... Read More »

Kids' Science Projects on Watersheds?

Watersheds are important eco-regions that contain bodies of water, such as streams, rivers, lakes and bays. Watersheds reduce flooding, help prevent erosion of soil and provide habitat for wildlife... Read More »

Cool Kids' Science Projects?

With a little thought, students can set their science projects apart from the old standbys. According to the California Energy Commission, a good science project begins with a question or problem, ... Read More »

Wind Erosion Science Projects for Kids?

Erosion -- the wearing down of the top layers of the soil -- contributes to famine in many parts of the world. Whether wind or water causes the erosion, once the topsoil is gone, crops are unable t... Read More »