Kids' Projects on Phones?

Answer Telephones make a good topic for kids' projects. Telephones are a vital safety resource, and kids are naturally interested in phones from seeing their parents and others talk on them. Crafts and ma... Read More »

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What age should kids get cell phones?

Do u think kids should have cell phones?

If the child is responsible enough and you feel there is a need for them to have one then yes.There is a great new cell phone called the firefly that only allows children to call the numbers the pa... Read More »

Should kids have their own cell phones?

On One Hand: Cell Phones For Kids Offer Certain AdvantagesCell phones can provide extra convenience when your child needs a ride, is going to be late or if you just want to check up on her. They ca... Read More »

Why do so many kids get cell phones?

IDk, I didn't get a cell phone until I was 16, and like you, had to pay for it myself (mine was also tracphone lol). I've heard of kids as young as 10 having cell phones. I think that's a little cr... Read More »