Kid's Projects on Mt. Rushmore?

Answer Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota is one of the world's most recognizable mountain carvings. Costing 1 million dollars, sculptor Gutzon Borglum wanted a colossal monument dedicated to democracy with the... Read More »

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Mythology Projects for Kids?

Greek and Roman mythology have long been woven into the curriculum of American students, ranging from kindergarten through high school. The rich history and stories offered by these mythologies, li... Read More »

Kinetic Art Projects for Kids?

Kinetic art involves the use of movement or motion. Kids can create their own kinetic art projects using a variety of processes and materials that move and sway with the wind, can be twisted and tu... Read More »

Kids Renaissance Projects?

Teach kids about different aspects of the Renaissance by having them complete various projects that bring those concepts to life. Whether you'll be teaching in a classroom or you need an educationa... Read More »

PVC Pipe Projects for Kids?

PVC pipe projects offer kids the chance to turn easy-to-work-with, non-toxic building materials into cool, fun objects. Supervise cutting all piping and help younger kids securely fit pieces togeth... Read More »