Kids Mohawk Hair Styles?

Answer The Mohawk is more prevalent in fashion now than ever before. Kids who want something a little bit different from the bowl and buzz cuts might see it as an enticing option at that next barber shop ... Read More »

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Different Mohawk Hair Styles?

Mohawks are a hairstyle that can shock with their dramatic heights and bright colors. There are several types of mohawks, each having its own defining characteristics. Named after a tribe of Native... Read More »

Black Mohawk Hair Styles?

The Mohawk hairstyle was worn by male Mohawk Native Americans. The hairstyle features a strip of hair down the center of the head with the sides of the hair cut very low or completely shaved. In th... Read More »

Black Mohawk Hair Weave Styles?

The integration of Hip Hop and Rock cultures in the 21st century led to variations of traditional rock identities including hairstyles specifically, the Mohawk. Traditionally, a Mohawk would requir... Read More »

How to Curl Mohawk Hair Styles for African Americans?

Mohawks weren't commonly associated with African American hairstyles in earlier years. However, the Mohawk is becoming more popular for African Americans. With shows like CW's "The Game," and actor... Read More »