Kids France Activities?

Answer Young students who are studying France or taking a French language class can often become bored learning about France from books or lectures. To make your French lessons more appealing and exciting... Read More »

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France Games to Play With Kids?

France is a country with a long, cultural history. According to Destination, Paris was founded by the ancient Romans during the height of the Roman Empire. They also note the famous tour de... Read More »

What other than Lafayette's attire as he was leaving France does the TV show Liberty's Kids fudge?

Tiswas was a Saturday morning TV show aimed at children, in the UK. Colloquially "Being in in a tiswas" means being totally confused and bewildered, and the producers said it also stood for "Today ... Read More »

Has anyone sent their kids to Kids r Kids, Katy at Westheimer prkw Or any Kids r Kids scholl?

We have a few here in Central child never attended, but I did visit the school several times to consider it and it seemed to be a really good program.

Fun EFL Activities for Kids?

The best way for children to learn is often through doing, and language learning is no exception. Create classroom games and activities that will inspire children to pick up new English words witho... Read More »