Kids Activities on Jesus?

Answer In raising Christian kids, teachings on Jesus are a given, but helping kids apply the story lessons to everyday life proves a greater challenge. Interactive kids' activities on Jesus break through ... Read More »

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"What Would Jesus Do" Activities?

In the 1990's, "What would Jesus do?" became a popular phrase to remind Christians to think about their words and actions. While it is more difficult to find apparel and accessories with this phras... Read More »

"The Boy Jesus in the Temple" Activities?

If you have ever been curious about what Jesus was like as a child, Luke 2 provides a glimpse at the 12-year-old Jesus in the temple that proves he already knew who he was and was setting his prior... Read More »

Activities on the Birth of Jesus?

The birth of Jesus, also known as Christmas, is an important Christian celebration. It marks the day when Jesus, the Son of God, became man and began his life on earth. Christmas is therefore direc... Read More »

The Birth of Jesus Activities for Preschoolers?

Preschoolers, who are still learning the significance of the Christmas season, anticipate the holiday with enthusiasm. The story of the birth of Jesus contains elements that preschool children love... Read More »