Kidney infection + 101 temp?

Answer I would go back to the same hospital tonight that has those records. You should not have a 101 fever on 5 days of antibotics. Those antibiotics is not sensitive to that strain of bacteria.

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What are the symtoms of having a kidney stones, kidney infection and cysts on the ovaries?

Some symptoms of kidney stones include lower back pain and extreme pain when urinating.

How do you know if you have a kidney infection?

I think burning sensation after urination, some itchy sensation, foul-smelling or cloudy urine;these are some kidney infection indication, but these symptoms are also related to other diseases so c... Read More »

Uti or could it be a kidney infection?

With blood it could be an kidney infection or kidney stone, so you better get checked for that one. Always having an uti isn't normal so maybe you get some warmer underwear on and even holding you ... Read More »

Kidney infection!!?

You could have a bladder infection.…Go to doctors or hospital before it becomes worse.