Kfc is halal in india?

Answer most of them are, it would be safer to ask though

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You bought your new 3G iPhone in the USA and you are going to India in September will the phone work in India and will the wi fi work in India?

What do you think? Yea! If it doesn't that is a big waste of money! Anyway iPhones are bad phones! I had one and i would never get any calls! iPhones are the worst phones ever!

What is halal food?

Many restaurants offer halal food on their signs, menus and windows. Halal food is food prepared in accordance to Islamic law as defined in the Islamic texts, the Qur'an and Hadith. Halal is the Ar... Read More »

What does halal food mean?

According to the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, halal food is food that follows strict Islamic dietary guidelines. All natural foods are considered halal except pork or pork by-prod... Read More »

What is a halal mortgage?

A halal mortgage is a home loan that conforms to Islamic (Shariah) law, which does not allow lenders to collect interest. Islamic bankers use other strategies to make money. In one form of mortgage... Read More »