Keying out grainy footage?

Answer You will need to have absolutely no wrinkles on the green screen, and lot of lightning. Professional movie makers use about 5 really good lights and 1 backlight. So get all light resources you can ... Read More »

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Canon 550D Footage Too Grainy?

If you're shooting in a dark environment then the camera will compensate for the lack of light by increasing the ISO (sensor sensitivity) the higher your ISO the grainyer your videos will be. Eithe... Read More »

If I use a JVC camcorder to record footage, how do I get my footage from the camera to the computer?

Since you share absolutely NO USEFUL INFORMATION about your camcorder, you make it impossible for anyone to help you.

If footage was shot from an 80's camera in 2011, would it look similar to the 80's footage?

Hi Azoshi: Well, it's not exactly a stupid question, but since you asked it in the Camcorders category and used the term "film aging", let's clarify some of your terms. Camcorders (which I guess is... Read More »

Is chroma keying with sony vegas any good?

If you set up your green or blue screen correctly, have it lit correctly, no dark areas, no highlights, no wrinkles and keep whoever whatever you are placing in front of it far enough away from the... Read More »