Keybord is messed up?

Answer Ummm. The keys ARE in the right places, aren't they? The Z is the leftmost key on the bottom row and the Y is in the middle of the third row?It wouldn't be the first time two keycaps were swapped... Read More »

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How do you hook a keybord to a laptop?

Just us the usb cord attached to the keyboard, then plug that into the usb port of your laptop.For some laptops to function properly with a different keyboard, you may need to go into preferences a... Read More »

How do you get animations on the iPhone keybord?

Extra visions are unlocked by collecting all 150 dreamstones within each level. Gathering the most dreamstones while the Mirror Fiery is activated is required to obtain all 150. Klonoa 2: Lunatea'... Read More »

How do you click on the iPad 2 leath keybord case?

you should get a $500 ipad 2 because than even though it is more money it is more advanced and would maybe last longer....that's my opinion!!

Is me eye messed up?

Small black dots in the iris, near the pupil, are called iris freckles and are nothing to worry about. It can also be a type of birth mark. Many people have a little black dot on their eye so you a... Read More »