Keyboard related question...interesting point to be noted!?

Answer The original designers of the QWERTY typewriter keyboard put them there so your left pinky would get at least a little exercise. The right pinky gets exercised by drinking tea!Seriously, read this... Read More »

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What's the point of NUM lock on a keyboard?

Hello,Depending on your keyboard, those keys are dual-purpose. They are the arrow keys in one context and the number keys in the other. It's different on laptops.The history behind that goes a ways... Read More »

What is the point of a gaming keyboard and mouse?

Well mice can be more comfortable for gaming, have higher/adjustable DPI (that basically means how fast the cursor will move related to how fast you move the mouse), and have buttons on the mouse y... Read More »

How do you restore iPhone applications noted as waiting?

Yes, and unlocking it allows you to use other service providers.

What does"duly noted"mean?

The proper definition of duly is “in a due manner or time.” Using this information, the term "duly noted" means that something will be acknowledged in due time. In street terms, "duly noted" me... Read More »