Keyboard not working?

Answer .remove "all" the keyboards and reboot the system--you will probably have to use the mouse only at this point.Before you restart the system, remove the USB keyboard so the system doesn't see it and... Read More »

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Why is the @ not working on my keyboard?

when you say cleaned, i'm assuming its been formatted and the operating system reinstalled cleanly again, and you haven't had a vacuum cleaner to itif I remember rightly, you need to go into contro... Read More »

Why is my keyboard not working?

MY KEYBOARD ISNT WORKING EITHER BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ask;; "How come i cant log on to my yahoo?"Mines white.... CHYEAH!

Keyboard Help: CTRL key not working?

Well, it sounds like maybe that part of your keyboard is freezing up): No worries though, this has happened to me more than once and if this is the case then the best thing that you can do is take ... Read More »

Mouse and keyboard not working!!!!?

Try booting to a Linux Live disk. Then delete the 'evolve' folder and see if that does it.