Keyboard makes program close or unselects text box?

Answer Hi,What text boxes are they.If the game is constantly interrupted then something must be running in the background to cause that.Identify what it is then disable it.Arnak

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What is the difference between a word processing program&a text editing program?

There are many different ways to enter text into a PC. However, the two most common ways to enter text are through either a text editor or a word processor.FunctionText editors are programs that al... Read More »

How to Text on a Phone Without a Keyboard?

 Ugh. Your parents bought you a phone without a keyboard and gave you a text plan. Ugh. This makes texting harder - a little bit.

Does anyone know a keyboard shortcut to strike through text in Word ?

I don't think there is any, but you can put a button on your menus to do the same thing.In Word versions prior to Word 2007 (Vista):1. Right-click on any menu and select Customize.2. Click the Comm... Read More »

How to Program a Microsoft Keyboard?

Computers use commands to launch programs, save files, or execute tasks. Every double-click leads to an execution of a command. While using a mouse is efficient, Microsoft allows Windows XP users t... Read More »