Kettle brand potato chips?

Answer Use the web address below to locate a store near you that sells these potato chips :)…

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How to Kettle Cook Potato Chips?

Pre-packaged potato chips are easy to find and inexpensive to purchase, but they do not have the same fresh taste and versatile flavoring options as homemade chips. Potatoes can be easily sliced an... Read More »

Corn Chips Potato Chips Or Popcorn Which do you prefer?

popcorn, but it depends which kind and what brand

Can I use stale potato chips to make potato chip cookies?

The bag of stale potato chips that nobody is munching on anymore can most certainly be used to bake up a batch of potato chip cookies. The best part of using the bottom of an old bag is that the ch... Read More »

How do potato chips go stale?

When you open a bag of potato chips, you expose them to air. Over time, the chips absorb moisture from the air and become stale as they lose their crispness. Stale chips feel soggy and have a flat,... Read More »