Keflex antibiotic can be used for tooth ache?

Answer NO, antibiotics do nothing for pain and are used only to control the spread of infection. Analgesics control pain.

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Can a jaw ache and tooth ache cause a head ache 10 POINTS!!!!!?

The link between teeth and headaches often involves something known as bruxism. This condition is marked by a grinding or clenching of the teeth (when you bite). After clenching or grinding the tee... Read More »

Is keflex an antibiotic?

Can keflex cure chlamydia. Buy keflex, can keflex cure chlamydia apa format. Is keflex a type of penicillin, does keflex affect birth control? Kefles/kefalexin pheur side effects of taking this.

Keflex antibiotic while breastfeeding?

Im not too sure on the subject of breastfeeding and meds/antibiotics....but if you have a 24 hr Walgreen's or any other pharmacy that is open, you can always call them and ask. believe it or not, p... Read More »

Question about the antibiotic Keflex?

Take it with some food to decrease nausea. Even a cracker will help prevent against nausea. Source(s): registered nurse