Keeping the zero in front of a UPC number in excel?

Answer If you want it to show in the Formula Bar with leading zeroes, then do not make the cells formatted as Numbers. Make them just plain Text formats. then you can put what ever you want as values an... Read More »

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How do I enter formulas in Excel to show not less than zero?

Use an equal IF formula. For example, =IF(SUM(A1+A2)>0,SUM(A1+A2),"-"). This formula states that if cell A1 plus A2 is greater than 0, then enter the sum of cell A1 and A2. If the sum is not greate... Read More »

Is zero an infinite number?

Zero is not an infinite number. To be infinite, a number must be so large as to be unquantifiable. An example of an infinite number is the number of decimal places in the number pi. Another infinit... Read More »

When was"zero"regarded as a number?

The history of the number zero is long and somewhat complex. The first known to use the number zero were the Babylonians in the third century BC. However, to them, it was simply a placeholder, and ... Read More »

How to Know if a Number Is Divisible by Zero?

Generally, there exists no number which is divisible by zero. The simple fact being that there exists no number which when multiplied by 0 will give you any other number. In fact it will always giv... Read More »