Keeping the computer to myself!!?

Answer Push him off the chair :)

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I didn't ground myself while building a part of my computer. Will my computer be fine?

You should be fine, however if you wanted to ground yourself just hold the case while your installing the CPU. This is the easiest way since you more than likely do not have a static wrist band.

Can I get in trouble for keeping my computer?

there is no reason for them to do that. you can deny anything.

Im getting a New Computer, but keeping the Monitor & key board, will it be the same?

Dont listen to these people. Your monitor and keyboard will work with it...

How can I keep myself off the computer?

i am addicted too, but i can control it!find hobbies. read a book / watch a movie or even work on something!try spending your time on something else trying not to think about it. focus on something... Read More »