Keeping Ice Pops frozen in a cool bag?

Answer Well I'm not sure what the temp will be or how long you want them cool for. But I can tell you that you will maximize the results by placing the ice pack on the top of the cooler. This is because... Read More »

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Ideas for Keeping a Car Cool?

During hot days, your car interior can easily reach temperatures greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The windows on vehicles act as magnifiers of sunlight and without a way for the heat to leave t... Read More »

Keeping cool in the summer with just fans?

I got a smaller one maybe 24" different brand but does all the same things as what was advertized. I got for a "fan"-tastic price. $0.00 Rebate is the garbage dump.For the house and I am guessi... Read More »

Do you drink more diet pops than regular pops?

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