Keep getting dropped Skype calls?

Answer Skype and other products like it depend completely on the internet to send and receive calls. So if you have a spotty internet connection then it will surely affect the quality of skype. That being... Read More »

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AT&T or Sprint AND does having 4G LTE reduce your chances of getting dropped calls?

3G or 4G or 4G LTE is for your data usage, so it just doesn't matter for calls being dropped.

Keep getting private calls?

Why don't you tell this caller that it is a wrong number?!?!?!? That will stop everything.

I keep getting restricted calls?

Welcome to living in a world of no privacy, everyone get those dumb restricted calls now. There usually isn't much to do about it other than some phone companies offer the functionality of being ab... Read More »

I keep getting threatening phone calls?

You may not want to believe this, but It feels like someone has it in for you on a more personal note.. The reason why I say this.... It is the same scam over and over. When I would put my faith in... Read More »