Keep getting bad cramp in legs how can i stop it?

Answer StretchIncrease sodium in diet - saltIsotonic sports drinksImprove posture through exercise/ yoga/ pilatesKeep well hydratedKeep muxcles warmMassage

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How to explane,i keep getting cramp in my stomach after ive eaten.?

Go to the doctors, it could be te start of I.B.S.There is a medicine you can take, if you want to go to the docs, try the chemist, a good one, and xplain to them.......Jason W

What is the best way to avoid cramp in my legs?

I get that too. Eat alot of bananas and take potassium supplements

I keep getting script messages how do i stop it?

Could you elaborate on that a bit further?

I keep getting water infections, what can i do to stop it?

There are a number of interesting issues here and I will take the liberty of reading between the lines of your question.My first worry that you are probably not having samples sent to confirm infec... Read More »