Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 does not install in windows 8 consumer preview?

Answer Don't bother trying. If it's not supported, it's not supported. It will be supported in the RTM version of Windows 8. Don't fret about this; the protection of Windows Defender is more than adequate.

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Kaspersky Internet 2013 Security Help?

Well if it was me I would just disable it the secure keyboard. I see no reason why that's going to make you anymore secure. Much like the virtual keyboard another selling feature but really of no u... Read More »

Need Help Installing Kaspersky Internet Security 2013?

Did you run the Kaspersky Removal tool to remove all traces of 2012 from your computer? You also might try asking at their user forum. They usually answer questions in a couple of hours.

How to Install Kaspersky Internet Security?

It's becoming increasingly dangerous to have your computer connected to a shared Wi-Fi network or even to search the Internet. Kaspersky Internet Security offers complete anti-virus protection, wit... Read More »

How to install Kaspersky internet security 2012 without CD-rom from a pen drive?

Hi ,download from and run installation file then active and then update .but i suggestion use better product : trend micro , symantec or webroot .install & use their are very easy... Read More »