Karaoke Bars in Akron, OH?

Answer The Japanese may have invented it, but in Akron, Ohio, karaoke bars are a place where music lovers can come together, drink, and sing, with no experience necessary. Though some may butcher the song... Read More »

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Do you have to be 21 to go to Karaoke Bars/Norebangs?

Young Dong Nohrehbang in Korea Town is one of the few that doesn't serve alcohol . In general if they serve alcohol, it will be 21+ to get in, so this place would be a guaranteed entry and the fun ... Read More »

San Bernardino Karaoke Bars?

San Bernardino, located in the Inland Empire of southern California, is home to a variety of opportunities for karaoke. While there are no bars dedicated solely to karaoke, there are many surprisin... Read More »

Karaoke Bars in Vegas?

Enhance your night out in Las Vegas by getting up in front of your friends and a room full of strangers, cocktail in hand, and belting out a tune. For those wishing to partake in this bold activity... Read More »

Guam Karaoke Bars?

Karaoke is Japanese for "empty orchestra," and pairs popular tunes with on-screen lyrics, allowing anyone to become a star for just a moment. Karaoke is a popular evening pastime in Guam, which is ... Read More »