Kant's Three Principles of Morality?

Answer Immanuel Kant's work on morality and ethics primarily comes from his "Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals," which describes the history of the way in which people have traditionally thought abo... Read More »

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The Principles of Composition: When to Use Three Dots?

In composition, the 'dot-dot-dot' punctuation can be used to signal different meanings. It is more correctly known as an ellipsis and is often found in fiction, speeches or nonfiction essays. An el... Read More »

What three principles are stated in the Monroe Doctrine?

What Are the Three Principles of Gravity That Affect the Body?

Gravity is the force that pulls your body toward the Earth. Three principles of gravity affect the body. Gravity is affected by your body's mass. For you to stand upright, you must properly align y... Read More »

What Three Principles Will Help You Minimize Missteps in Business Etiquette?

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