Juvenile Boot Camp in Illinois?

Answer Troubled teens in Illinois who run afoul of the law may find themselves confined to a regimented program geared toward military-style discipline, education and rehabilitation, rather than the stand... Read More »

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When was the first juvenile boot camp?

The first juvenile boot camp opened in 1985 in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Juvenile boot camps focus on physical exercise, confidence and building self-esteem with strict discipline and military-typ... Read More »

What is juvenile boot camp?

Juvenile boot camp is a place where troubled teens are sent for behavior modification. They may be sent there by the courts or by a parent. Juvenile boot camps are run military-style, and use inten... Read More »

Reasons why a Juvenile Boot Camp Helps?

Parents who find themselves at their wits end with a rebellious and disobedient adolescent may send the teen to a boot camp. Adolescents struggle with their own sense of self-worth while they move ... Read More »

How long is the boot camp training to become a juvenile detention officer?

The amount of time spent in boot camp for aspiring juvenile detention officers will vary based on the state and the prison system. However, most programs usually offer basic training programs that ... Read More »