Just wondering if this is practical for computer memory?

Answer Steve, you are thinking that is very good...

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Im buying a canon powershot sx200 and was wondering which memory card would be best ?

Most any SDHC card will be fine so long as the speed class is 6. You can tell the speed of the card by looking for a number with a circle around it. Many cheap cards on sale ads are class 2 cards... Read More »

I am having a RIP cook out for Steve Irwin's memory. Wondering what to serve Totally serious please.?

OK im an aussie...and although all yous say throw another shrimp on the barbie...thats only part of what we listen up...beef sausages, steak, onions, lamb chops...along with a potato salad,... Read More »

I was just wondering what does "Not Subject to Memory Effect, High-Energy Density Lithium Ion Technology" mean?

That's the kind of battery you want.Old nickel cadmium batteries would develop a "memory" when they were not recharged properly. Use the battery down to 50% capacity and then recharge it, and the ... Read More »

Was wondering if anyone can tell me why my computer screen has gone all pink?

It's caught a computer virus and turned gay.